Labgrown Diamonds
Presently Lab Created Diamonds are disrupting the market. In my honest opinion these stones are not a true store of value and the prices will continue to drop. Yes they have the same anatomical structure of a Natural Diamond but they're not scarce and are being mass produced by burning through electric and gas to create the same high pressure to expand the diamond seed. Lab Created Diamonds are not brighter or more beautiful then Natural Diamonds they're being pumped out by machines daily. These stones are not rare and this is a synthectic market being propped up from Chinese companies that will continue to produce more and more rough while driving the price down significantly. Natural diamonds are based on scarcity and this will always be the case as less and less mines come online for better quality mined natural stones. I believe life is about options and technology provides us with many. Jewelers should be open about the falling value of Lab Created Diamonds and the minimal to no buyback policy with their purchase.